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Delhi Achievers Training 4th December 2017

Delhi Recognition Nite 3rd December 2017

Inauguration of DXN Marketing India PVT Ltd Pune Office - 2nd December 2017

Inauguration of DXN Marketing India Pvt Ltd Dadar Office - 14th October 2017

Recognition Nite Odisha 2018

Achievers Training Odisha 2018

Recognition Nite Tamilnadu 2017

Achievers Training Tamilnadu 2017


Recognition Nite Tamilnadu 2016

TSIP 2015 - Mauritius

Achievers Training Tamilnadu 2016

Recognition Nite Bhopal 2016

Achievers Training Bhopal 2016

Recognition Nite Maharashtra 2016

Achievers Training Maharashtra 2016

Achievers Training Delhi 2016

Recognition Nite Delhi 2016

Achievers Training Kerala 2016

Recognition Nite Kerala 2016

Achievers Training Uttar Pradesh 2016

Recognition Nite Uttar Pradesh 2016

Diamonds Meet

Achievers Training Bihar 2016

Recognition Nite Bihar 2016

Achievers Training Gujarat 2016

Recognition Nite Gujarat

Achievers Training Odisha 2016

Recognition Nite Odisha

Achievers Training Karnataka 2016

Recognition Nite Karnataka 21st Feb 2016

Meeting of Dr. Rajesh Savera

Inauguration of DXN Marketing India Lucknow

DMI Promotion Meeting - Gaya

Nation-wide Stockist & Diamond's Meet with New Products Launch

Inauguration of DXN Marketing India

Inauguration of DXN Marketing India Delhi

DXN Marketing India - First Anniversary!!

Recognition Nite Tamilnadu 2016


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