DXN Marketing India Private Limited

DXN Madhuram Cookies

DXN is excited to bring you the World's First Natural Millet Cookies - truly powered with Ganoderma / Spirulina as DXN Madhuram Cookies in three nutritious types.

With DXN Madhuram Cookies we can say 'No' to

1) Artificial Flavours
2) Artificial Colors
3) Artificial Preservatives
4) Cholesterol
5) Transfat
6) Refined flour/Maida
7) Genetically Modified Organisms

But used only

1) Whole grains
2) Dietary Fibre
3) Chemical free/sulphur less brown sugar
4) Immune boosting Ganoderma/Super Food Spirulina

  • Category: FOOD & BEVERAGE
  • DXN Madhuram Cookies Variant - Qty Price
    Bajral/Pearl Millet Coffee GL - 90gms MRP: ₹185.00
    Bajral/Pearl Millet Spirulina - 90gms MRP: ₹185.00
    Ragi/ Finger Millet GL - 90gms MRP: ₹220.00
    Bajral/Pearl Millet Coffee GL (Family Pack) - 10x90gms MRP: ₹1660.00
    Bajral/Pearl Millet Spirulina (Family Pack) - 10x90gms MRP: ₹1660.00
    Ragi/Finger Millet GL (Family Pack) - 10x90gms MRP: ₹2060.00