DXN Roselle Tablet

Nature’s Palette for Your Wellness
Sourced from the lush fields where Hibiscus Sabdariffa thrives, DXN Roselle is a testament to nature’s vibrant vitality. This botanical marvel, with its tart and slightly sweet flavor, brings together tradition and modern wellness. Meticulously processed to retain its rich nutritional profile, DXN Roselle is the perfect addition to support your daily health and well-being.
  1. Sourced from the finest
  2. Processed with care
  3. Holistic Wellness
  4. Everyday Vitality

  • DXN Roselle Tablet Qty Price
    120 tablets x 300mg MRP: 370.00
    (Incl. of all taxes)
    360 tablets x 300mg MRP: 1,050.00
    (Incl. of all taxes)